Noah Bergman
Senior in Electrical Engineering


Originally from Roseville Minnesota, I am studying electrical engineering at Iowa State University. My focus is in control systems with embedded systems experience. My freetime is filled with extra-curricular activities, such as Engineers for a Sustainable World and Habitat for Humanity. I am a huge fan of trying new hobbies like rock climbing or making my own mozzarella cheese.


Numerous leadership roles have given me experience leading projects and organizations


Always keeping one eye on the brightside to make the most of tough projects and short deadlines


Project Ideas? Improvements? Just ask.


A brief summary of projects I have worked on

Relevant Work Experience


  • 2012 - 2015

    Engineers for a Sustainable World

    The solar street light brought me into the club. Later, I served as a project lead for a project in Nicargua. Since then I have served on the board as Vice-President and President.

  • 2012 - Now


    The international organization gave me opportunities to share my knowledge with my peers. The TV-B-Gone and Color Organ gave many a chance to learn PCB design. The role of project chair allowed me to boost the IEEE projects and keep them on track.

  • 2011 - Now

    Water Polo Club

    In my free time I enjoy swimming, the traveling club has been an awesome experience. We compete with several teams from the midwest.